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Book Allison Liddle to inspire and empower your audience to believe they can be, do and have more.

Allison uses her own inspiring story to connect with your audience in a unique way and invite them to explore their full potential. Whether it’s a 45-minute Lunch & Learn session, a keynote speech, or a half-day seminar, Allison will design the content to meet your specific needs and wishes, and to amplify the topic of your event, while speaking to your audience in a personal and entertaining way.

Sample Topics:

Life Under Construction Book: Tools to empower yourself to BE YOU!


Amplify the Results of Your Leaders: Imagine re-energizing, re-focusing, and re-engaging all of your leaders to move forward with one common goal. In this interactive speech Allison will equip your team with new tools, useful insight, and proven research that will help all of your leaders reach new heights!  

It's All About Connections: Whether you are connecting with a client, employee, or your child you need to know how to effectively communicate connect with them. 98% of all problems in our lives come from miscommunications. If you want success in your career or life you need to become a master-connector. You'll learn tools to apply today to become awesome at connecting.

Stop, Collaborate & Listen: Do you have a team that needs to collaborate? Are you struggling at figuring out how to get other people engaged in the work? In this interactive speech Allison will share the ways you can build a team, delegate tasks, and create one mission.  


RECENT EVENTS (Speaking, Training, Coaching):

John Maxwell Team Transformational Leadership Trip, Paraguay

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Madison, WI

Footlocker/Eastbay Women's Empowerment Week

Empower & Create

Polka Dot Powerhouse

The Local



Ironwood Carnegie Library

Barnes & Noble, Green Bay

Finalist Athena Young Professional Athena Award

Marawood School Administrators

Athens School District

Marathon School District

Wausau Area Chamber of Commerce- HYPE Young Professionals

Wausau Area Mastermind Group


When I first met you Allison, I thought WOW what a person with great confidence and spirit. Each and every time I saw you, you were always smiling and had something positive to say.
— Jackie