How do I practice personal growth?

By Allison Liddle

If you aren’t growing yourself personally, it’ll be hard to move forward in any area of your life.

Here is how I intentionally grow myself each day.  

1.     I read a lot of books. I probably read about 1-2 hours every day. (I don’t really watch TV, and I wake up early to do this)

2.     I have coaches and mentors. They hold me accountable to my goals to grow myself.

3.     I attend trainings/conferences to learn more.

4.     I ask questions to people who are further along than me.

5.     I teach what I’m learning through Facebook Lives, Blogs, writing, and trainings/speaking.

6.     I listen to podcasts, youtube, and audio books.

Personal growth is my passion I obsess about it,. It’s transformed my life and so I do it every single day. If you just started your personal growth journey I would recommend my book, Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love. It’s filled with the exact steps I took to develop a personal growth plan for myself. It’s on Amazon.



Allison Liddle