A Story About a Young Girl at Track Practice

Hello friend!

A quick story about a 7th grade girl at track practice. This girl came to track practice ready to run, even though she didn’t really like running she practiced hard and encouraged her team mates. She did the long jump at track meets and ran the 400 meter dash, and also did some relays. The part of track practice this girl love most was her track coach. He was a positive encourager and was passionate about leadership. During one practice he pulled the girl aside and looked her in her eyes. He said, “ You are a leader. There are team mates that are watching you. Make sure you are leading them well.” The girl was being raised by a single mother and did not have many people that believed in her or took the time to see her potential. On that day, that track coach gifted this young girl with belief. Belief is such a powerful thing because when someone believes in you it can change your life. The track coach’s belief changed the young girl’s life without even knowing it.

The young girl felt proud to be a leader and held onto that belief about leadership. She read every book about leaders in her school library. She asked her teachers for more leadership opportunities. She traveled to Washington D.C. to develop herself as a young leader. As an adult she decided to continue her leadership journey be reading, studying, learning and growing constantly. She applied the skills and tools to her life, businesses, and tried to teach what she was learning along the way. Then one day she had something miraculous happen. She was asked to be a John Maxwell Team faculty member to and teach/train leaders as a part of the #1 Leadership company in the world. She was humbled, honored, and so excited to see where this journey led her to develop other leaders and make a positive difference in the world.

You may have already guessed, but that young girl was me.

I’m happy to announce I’ve recently been hired by The John Maxwell Team to be faculty on the Youth Certification. A fitting place for me, as my journey started as a young person and I’m so passionate about sharing my belief in other young people to hopefully help change their lives too. This will allow me to speak on stage at the International John Maxwell Certification, develop curriculum, and train leaders.


Allison Liddle