How do I remember everything? [Use Reminders and Lists & Post-its]

By Allison Liddle

First off, I don’t remember EVERYTHING. Sometimes I forget, not intentionally….but I do.  

However, there are some life hacks I’ve found that have helped me tremendously in keeping my life organized and remembering stuff.

Use Reminders and Lists

1.     If you have an iPhone you can have it add reminders into your phone.

2.     I say, “Siri, add this reminder for me __________________”

3.     Or, “Siri, remind me at 9am tomorrow to write the newsletters.”

4.     I also keep lists in my notes app on my phone.

Top 3 Things Post-It

1.     Get post-it’s.

2.     Each day look at what you need to accomplish and write down 3 things you must accomplish today onto a post-it.

3.     Carry the post-it with you and cross off items as you accomplish them.


Allison Liddle