How to stay healthy?

 By, Allison Liddle

You get one body for your entire life. That’s it. I find too often that people do not understand this fact of life until it’s too late.  

After my daughter, Avery was born I decided to start leading a healthier lifestyle because I wanted to be around for my children until I was 150 years old. I figured I better start eating healthier and exercising if I wanted that goal to happen.

What’s healthy food?

Here’s the deal. I didn’t really understand what was “healthy” food when I started off my health journey. I’d heard of people only drinking shakes, eating veggies, or taking diet pills, but I wanted to learn how to eat healthy forever, so the short-term fix wasn’t what I needed.

After some research I found an app called “Fooducate” that would help me understand labels and rank the food for how healthy it was. It worked and now I know how to read food labels and try to eat whole foods. I also drink a lot of water and have replaced my sugary/diet sodas with ice tea or water. I try to get at least ½ my body weight in ounces every day. In my research I found that many of my problems were coming from not drinking enough water. Did you know if you’re dehydrated you’ll feel hungry? Or if you’re tired it could be because you need to drink water? Water so good for you.  

What if I hate to exercise?

I hated to exercise. I really did not like it and to make it worse I’d remind myself how hard it was and how much I hated it the entire time I worked out. YAY! I’m kidding. The thing that worked for me was to switch my belief about exercise. It took practice, but I replaced my belief that “I hate exercise” to “I love how I feel after I exercise. I feel strong, and it clears my head.”

After a few weeks of replacing this belief I started to actually like exercise and I would make time in my schedule to get my workout in. What I realized is that in order to be the healthiest version of ourselves the first place we need to start is to just start. Move your body, take a walk, just do something to sweat. Then eventually you’ll want to move your body and stay healthy.

These are my two life hacks for staying healthy. Eat right by learning how to read labels and to exercise. I know this isn’t too complicated, but when you apply it for some time, my guess is that you’ll feel healthier, look healthier, and have more energy.

 Here’s to a healthier you!

Allison Liddle