How to dodge negativity?

 By Allison Liddle

I bet you’ve experienced one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? Perhaps your kids are running late, you forgot to make lunches, you snap at your spouse, you’re stressed out about work, and then you have calls or meetings you have to deal with. You may not even be sure why everything is going wrong, but it is.  

In the midst of a recent argument with my husband I decided to see the situation differently. *We’ve been married for 14 years, and yes sometimes we don’t agree. J

I literally said, “help me see this differently.”

It was a miracle moment when the negative spiral I was on stopped and I found clarity.

Instantly, the negativity stopped. I’m not even kidding, and I saw that I needed to call him and give him compassion and a listening ear.

Negativity can creep up at any time. It is not fun to deal with negativity, at least I don’t enjoy it.

Overcoming negativity is a skill that can transform a situation from ruining your day to empowering you to seeing a different perspective.  With this new perspective you’ll be able to find a solution rather than look for everything that is going wrong.

When I stopped and asked to see the situation differently, my brain started to come up with a whole bunch of solutions to seeing this situation differently and they were positive solutions.

Will this work every single time? Probably not, but what if it works most of the time? What if you tried it next time you’re in a negative situation? I bet it would help.

Try it.

Allison Liddle