How do I remember everything? [Keep One Calendar]

By, Allison Liddle

First off, I don’t remember EVERYTHING. Sometimes I forget, not intentionally….but I do.

However, there are some life hacks I’ve found that have helped me tremendously in keeping my life organized and remembering stuff.  

Set Up Your One Calendar

1.     Set up a google calendar on your phone.

2.     Every time you have a new appointment, meeting, call, class, anything, put it in the calendar.

3.     Categorize your items by color- I use two colors.

a.     [PINK] Home- Family, Kids, Workouts, Fun Stuff

b.     [ORANGE] Work- Meetings, Deadlines, Calls, Trainings, Etc.

4.     Sync your calendar with your computer, so you’re only using one common calendar for everything in you life.

5.     Add your family to your calendar and have them share their calendars. Now you’ll know where each of you are and what you’re doing.

Allison Liddle