How do I relax?

By Allison Liddle

I’m a type A person, so relaxing can be difficult for me because I like to plan out my relaxation time. Thankfully, God had me marry a really laid back man named Tony. He knows how to relax and enjoy life. He loves laughing and finding fun things to do. While I’m over thinking things, he just sits down and smiles at me. After fourteen years of marriage I know this means I’m overthinking my relaxation and I need to calm down.  

Here is what I’ve found helps me relax, feel free to try some of them:

-       Turning off my phone.

-       Not bringing my computer on vacation, even when I’m convinced that I might get the best idea to write and if I don’t have a computer how will I write it down (I bring paper and a pen instead, LOL)

-       Scheduling time to shut down each day. I try to wrap up my work around 4-4:30pm most days so I can spend time with my family.

-       Saying no. I like to focus what I’m doing on what I want to do, so I say no to anything else.

-       Exercising daily

-       Eating healthy food

-       Hiking up the mountain

-       Yoga

-       Reading books

-       Laughing with friends

-       Date nights with my Hubby

-       Fun adventures with my kids (We do at least one adventure as a family every week.)

-       Watching a really good movie.

-       Traveling…I LOVE traveling.

-       Exploring in the woods.

-       Camping

-       Massages

-       Getting my hair or nails done

-       Shopping (Don’t tell Tony this…I pretend like I don’t like it. HA!)

-       Cuddling with my dog.

-       Hanging out with my little sister and brother.

-       Boating

-       Kayaking

-       Running outside

-       Listening to inspirational podcasts

-       Decorating my house

-       Planting flowers

-       Growing a garden

-       Nature walks with my kids

-       Reading my husband’s funny Facebook posts

-       Visiting a cool store

-       Going to a big city and exploring

-       Going to a small town and playing in the pool



I hope these ideas sparked some ideas for you to relax and enjoy life this month!


Allison Liddle