How do I stay laser focused? Field/Career

I’m an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, trainer, and best selling author and I get asked all of the time…how do you get it all done.

It’s really simple. I keep the main thing the main thing which I learned from my mentor John Maxwell. :) *Above is a picture of us in Paraguay.

For example I pick 1 big project I’m working on and I make sure it shows up in my schedule every work day. I just choose one thing. Seriously. I know it almost seems too easy. It is.

Choose one thing you want to get done and then schedule time to get it done.

People are amazed that I’ve written two books…how do you do it they ask? I sat down day after day with the commitment to myself to write every day. Even on days when I didn’t want to I wrote. Even on days when I was sick in bed I wrote. Even when I was tired, overwhelmed. I wrote because my goal was to write the entire book. And that means I have to put about 30-50,000 words on pages to write that book. I did not sit down one day and write the entire book. I did it little at a time. I did it over and over again and finally one day I realized that all of the chapters were written and the book was completed.

So how can you become laser focused in your field or career?

Choose one thing to do.

Then do it every day until you are done.

Then when you finish it…celebrate your accomplishment.

Being laser focused means getting rid of all the things you don’t want and focusing your time, energy, and effort on exactly what you do want.

You can do this!

Make today amazing!

Allison Liddle

Allison Liddle