What type of thinking do you need to cultivate to grow? 


Today I’m going to share with you some of the steps to think bigger from the book, How Successful People Think By John C. Maxwell.

How to think BIGGER! 

1.   Don’t strive for certainty: Big picture thinkers are comfortable with ambiguity. They are okay with getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

One way to think about it is this way…

a.   Have you ever met someone that is very rigid? They like to know exactly what is going to happen each and every day and if it doesn’t go the way they want they get really frustrated? That way of thinking will keep the person feeling stuck. Each time a new opportunity presents itself the person is so focused on keeping life the same each day that they miss the opportunity.

b.   Then there is a person that allows opportunities and people to present themselves. They plan for what they need to do each day, but they are also allowing opportunities to present themselves. Maybe it’s a conversation with a friend. Or they get a great idea and they take time to think on that idea.

2.   Big thinkers also learn from every experience. Good or bad, they can evaluate what happens within their life. Not only that they try things out to give themselves different experiences. They seek out variety. They love meeting new people, traveling, trying new things, and taking chances.

3.   Gain insight from a variety of people: This a key point of big thinkers. They seek advice and then take action on it. I’ve found that if you want to have success in any area of your life you need to find someone else that has what you want and then model what they did to get the result you are seeking. I recently heard a world champion triathlete speak at a conference. She explained how she was able to reach success by going and living with other champions and modeling how they trained, what they ate, she even would sleep when they slept! That may seem extreme. But it worked. If you are serious about getting results in your life you need to have that type of discipline.

4.   Give yourself permission to expand your world: To be a big thinker you need to go against what everyone else is doing. The majority of what you experience in life is meant to keep you in boxes. If you want to expand. Grow, and reach new things you need to expand your world. You need to give yourself permission to go a different way. I also like to connect with people from all over the world to become their friends and learn more about their cultures.

Today I want you encourage you to think bigger! 

Allison Liddle

Allison Liddle