Success can be distracting

I recently asked a question to John Maxwell about momentum. Sometimes in our careers we start to gain momentum, which is great especially when you're starting a business or starting something new. Momentum is AWESOME.It's important and it's critical to our success. We start to have people actually contacting us and asking us to do things; so we say 'YES'. And we keep saying  YES, YES, YES. And eventually we start to say YES to things that don't really make any sense. Until we get to a point that all of those YES's are actually causing us to go backwards. 

I asked John, "What do you do when you start having success with momentum and you need to focus?" 

John shared an example of when a football player gets a VIP award and then for the next year that person travels around getting more awards and eating chicken (HA!). Guess what that does for the football player? It distracts from doing the things needed in order to be successful. Success can be distracting. Now, the player is probably out of shape because he has been doing things that wasn't what led him to success in the first place. The football player would be far better off if he had committed more time to actually training for that year. 

What does this teach you? Do the 2-3 things that you need to do to be successful. Delegate or quit everything else. 

I know this may seem extreme. After I had John share this with me, I started quitting things. I started to say NO to opportunities. I started to think really hard about the things that will lead me to the success I desire and I started to intentionally schedule that into my day. I'd recommend you do the same. :)   

Make today amazing!


Allison Liddle