How do I stay laser focused? Lesson #2- Finances

It's the first month of the New Year. How are your goals going around your finances?

I grew up with little if any advice on how to manage my money, but I knew I wanted to learn more about finances so I asked my grandfather to teach me. My grandfather taught me in high school his financial principles.

Grandpa Michels said, “Get a job and then pay yourself first.” So, I found myself a job and I started to save my money. I would typically have a goal of how much money I wanted to earn each summer as I worked my way through high school and college. There were goals to buy my first computer, a new wardrobe, a car, my college tuition, and others… I now realize that discipline taught me a lot about finances

1.    Earn it. I needed to find myself a job or create a business that would create income for what I desired..

2.    Save it. I automatically put a portion of what I earn into a savings account.

3.    Grow it. I automatically put a portion of what I earn into my investment accounts.

How to create this habit in your life?

I have a schedule for the entire year when I’ll be reviewing business financials and personal financials. I have specific reports I’ve hired an accountant to run for my businesses/income monthly, quarterly, and annually to show me where I am at financially. I found a system to monitor this area of my life.

Too often we can’t get laser focused because we want to ignore where we are or we haven’t done something as simple as scheduling the time or hiring the right people to help you stay accountable in that area of your life.

The goal for you today is to find someone to help you stay laser focused in your financial life.

Make today amazing!

Allison Liddle

Allison Liddle