Believe your impossible dreams!

Believe your impossible dreams!

Last September on a warm day in Paraguay I walked around the campus of National University with my new friend Gabi. Gabi showed me their typical classrooms, library, and beautiful campus. Students were doing their homework outside, while cats wandered around. They even had pet alligators on campus!

Then we visited the USA Embassy classroom. It was definitely different than the classroom that the typical classes were held. Gabi looked at me and said, “Allison I want to come to the US, but I don’t know if it will work.”

Gabi faced a lot of challenges to accomplishing her dream: she was working multiple jobs to pay her way through college in a poor country, she’d already sent in applications and they weren’t accepted right away, no one in her family had ever gone to the USA, just the cost of the plane ticket was so much that it made this dream seem almost impossible.

You see, Gabi had a choice to make….give up on her dream because there was a lot of evidence that it would not work. She could have let those huge challenges win and allow them to let her give up on her dream.

Did she give up on her impossible dream? NO!

She continued trying. She worked on researching. She learned English. She taught English to children. She volunteered. She worked on making herself the person that could accomplish her goal of coming to the USA.

Guess what? After all of this work it worked. Gabi now is coming to study in the USA for a semester in 2019.

Could Gabi have given up? Yes.

She could have let her excuses win, but did she? No

Think about your impossible dreams. What do you want to achieve? What is your almost impossible dream? At this point you have challenges to let into your impossible dream. I bet if you wrote down all of the challenges you’re facing, it would be overwhelming. I get it!

However, what if you took Gabi’s advice and started to work toward becoming the person who can achieve that impossible dream? What if you started taking imperfect action toward your dream? What would be your next step? What would you do? What if….What if it worked?

Gabi you are an inspiration! We’re all so proud of you.

Today think about your impossible dreams. What if you believed them? What if…..

Make today amazing!

Allison Liddle

Allison Liddle