What to do with the boulders in your life?

I’m blessed to have an amazing mentor in my life named Clif. Today as we were discussing mindset and success he shared with me this idea and I knew I needed to share it with you.


Imagine that you’re hiking up Mount Everest. As you are climbing up the mountain on the path you run into a boulder. Do you get mad at the boulder for being in your path? Probably not, you probably would just find a way around it. This is similar to the challenges that come into your life as we’re hiking up our own mountains. Day by day you're hiking up the mountains of your lives.

Some days as you're on that journey we run into challenges.

You have two choices:

1. Allow the challenge to ruin our day and misdirect our energy toward the negative emotions it can cause in our lives. This will cause you to be reactive in your life. You’ll be allowing negative emotions influence your behavior and your life. You’ll feel stuck.


2. Decide to move around the challenge as quickly and seamlessly as possible. This will allow you to have the power to put your energy, time, and effort on creating what you want to create. You’ll be pro-active in designing your life. You’ll feel empowered. Empowered stands for EM-to cause (a person or thing) to be in the condition of POWER!

Today look at the obstacles in your life as boulders. Figure out a way to move around them as quickly as possible and be EMPOWERED!

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Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you!


Allison Liddle