Passion is a good way!


For approximately 12 years I have been on a quest to be the most passionate and enthusiastic person I know. 


This quest to become the most passionate and enthusiastic person started in a strange place.

I was actually working in the athletic department at Michigan Technological University doing laundry when this quest began. (I told you it was strange! Ha!)

At this phase in my life I was in college and I was thinking about who I was going to become and how I was going to make an impact.

I started to really watch the people I admired. These were leaders on campus that I truly admired. They exuded a certain confidence and passion for what they did that I really was drawn to. As I completed my mundane college job in the athletic department I would think about the qualities each of these people possessed. I thought for weeks about this question and I came up with the fact that each of the leaders I admired with passionate about what they did and enthusiastic about who they were able to help. That day I decided that I could integrate those two qualities into my life as well. I would become the most passionate and enthusiastic person I knew.

At first this felt really fake. I was analytical. I was taught to be logical and un-emotional. People with passion are filled with emotion. They are not really black and least I wasn't. I also realized that my tendency to look at what could go wrong...needed to be switched to what could go right if I wanted to be enthusiastic. Slowly but surely I harnessed this new outlook on life. I became the most passionate and enthusiastic person I knew.

I’d like to think about the most passionate person you know. How do you feel when you are around them?

My guess is that the words that come to mind are... uplifted, positive, energetic, happy, abundant, unstoppable…

Now I’d like you to think of the most negative person you know. How do you feel when you around that person? 

My guess is drained of energy, upset, down, negative, unsure, unfocused, etc…

So, who would you rather be? Remember....Passion is contagious.

Make today amazing!


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