Leaders are Kind

"If you have a choice between being right and being kind, always be kind." - Roddy Galbraith


I've been speaking with many different organizations. At some point during my training, I thank them for what they're doing. I'm always surprised that they seem shocked that I thanked them for what they do. How can this be I wonder? Haven't their leaders been showing gratitude to them for what they do every day? Don't they hear thank you?

Apparently not.

Showing sincere appreciation is one of the kindest things a leader can do. I remember when I was in Paraguay with John Maxwell and he thanked us. Here he was speaking to the future President of the country and he took the time to thank the coaches that were out in the field conducting roundtables. If John Maxwell can take the time to show appreciation for the people on his team, I realized that I have the time to do the same.

I'm always trying to thank the people that I lead. I'm finding unique ways to demonstrate that I care. I give small gifts, cards, notes, chocolate, plants, and other surprises to make them smile.

Why do I take the time to do this?

Think about the last person that showed you sincere appreciation.

How did it feel to be treated with kindness?

I bet it meant more to you than money.

It probably filled your heart with happiness, gave you confidence, and helped you want to do more.

That is why leaders need to make kindness a priority. If you study any of the greatest leaders...what is the one common thread that ties them all together? It's kindness.

Today, go out and be kind! Let me know what you do. :)


Allison Liddle