Hot Air Balloon Effect


Have you heard of the 'Hot Air Balloon Effect?' I bet you haven't because I just came up with it. HA!

I live in a beautiful community in central Wisconsin. We have lakes, rivers, rolling hills, farmland, and a mountain. It's a magical place, but there is one other thing that makes it even more magical...Hot Air Balloons!

During the summer months on any given day, you may see a hot air balloon floating along the horizon. It's a fun surprise and they always fill me with happiness. Over the past months, I've been privileged to speak to thousands of people from all over the world. After each of my speeches, there is one question I get every single time and it made me realize something is in common with the question and hot air balloons.

I’ve heard this question from CEO’s of successful companies and students in third world countries. I’ve heard it from professionals with credentials, and people that did not finish high school. Race, Age, Gender, religion, demographics, geographic location do not matter. This question is universal, it is global, so I’m going to address it.

The question is: What if I lack the confidence to do ______________? (fill in the blank with whatever your 'thing' is)

The answer is the 'Hot Air Balloon Effect.' Imagine for a moment that you were a Hot Air Balloon. You were simply floating along enjoying your glorious life. You felt happy, content, fulfilled and working on your purpose. As you floated along you would need something to keep your floating in the air right? Hot air. You would need to be filled with warmth and positive energy to lift you higher. As you fill yourself with more of the hot air and positive energy you would reach heights higher than you could imagine. You'd see further than you ever did before. Your perspective would change. The small things that mattered in your life would slowly fade into the distance. Your life purpose would be much bigger!

Now imagine that you stopped filling yourself with hot air. If you turned off the positive energy and thoughts what would happen to your hot air balloon? It would likely fall. It would fall slowly at first, and then more quickly. The trees and obstacles would start to scare you. You'd become frightened and scared. You'd feel out of control of your Hot Air Balloon. You'd lose all control....or would you?

All you need to do to lift higher is turn the hot air and positive energy back on. As soon as you do this guess what happens almost immediately? You begin to rise up higher, and higher almost effortlessly. You're mood lightens, your perspective changes, and your life floats along once again.

So, how do you have more confidence? Fill yourself with positive energy. Ask yourself: Does this lift me higher or drag me down? If it's not lifting you higher, it's dragging you down and life will become more difficult. If you want to live with more confidence choose to lift higher!

Today, harness your Hot Air Balloon!



Allison Liddle