Are you always like this?


I was just asked this question....."Are you always like this?" The man I was meeting then went on to describe me a bit are so passionate, positive, excited, confident, ready to conquer the world and make an impact.

Yes, I am.

For a long time, I thought I was weird or strange because I have always had very big visions and a positive outlook on life. I LOVE empowering people to accomplish more in their lives and their business. I've been fortunate to be in many different leadership roles. From entrepreneur to non-profit leader I've experienced a wide range of people and experiences.

Do you honor who you are? Have you thought about what strengths and abilities you have? Have you thought about the impact that only you can have? You see, I believe that each of us is on a mission to make an impact in this world. With over 7 billion people currently on the planet, we have a lot of different people that can do a lot of different things. The best thing about this is that we all are unique, we are different, and we all have someone different that we need to help.

Leadership, both good and bad has shaped who I am.

I've seen and experienced terrible or the lack of leadership. I had one "client" that literally yelled at me every day for the 30-day contract with them. I remember smiling and counting down the days until I could leave. When the contract was completed I was asked to work full time in the company. I politely declined, understanding that the lack of leadership and the toxic environment did not "fit" my personality or my values. I've had people swear at me when I asked them to attend non-profit meetings to help vulnerable children. Eventually, that same person was one of my best advocates. I've sat in meetings with the "top" leaders in a county and state leadership and I've seen the negative behavior, poor leadership, and overwhelm that these leaders faced daily. I just observed all of this behavior. I did not react. I simply noted what I was experiencing because I knew someday I would have an opportunity to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I did not know how I would do this. I did not know when it would happen. I did not know whom I would help, but I knew that this would happen. And when it did I would send all of my passion, excitement, positivity, and empowerment into the world with full force.

I've also been fortunate to learn directly from some of the BEST leaders in the world. I'm mentored by John Maxwell, who is an NY Times Bestselling Author and has presidential invitations to transform countries. I've experienced amazing leadership. I'm fortunate to build a non-profit board that was a leader in the state of Michigan. I've experienced first-hand the difference great leadership does within businesses. Our clients at Prosper Wealth Management have shared with us how different we are and how we treat them. Leadership values and principles are infused into my businesses, relationships, life, books, events, blogs, podcasts, emails, website, speeches, and even in my parenting. I believe that you can't be a leader in one area of your life if you don't infuse it into every single area of your life. You need to use leadership to inform how you live your life. You need to transform yourself if you want to help impact people.

I'm happy to say that I realize the impact that all of this will have and I'm announcing that the time is here.

The day has come.

As my dear friend Gary White says, "There's always more Allison, always more!"

I've been told over and over again that we need more. We need more leadership. We need more empowerment. We need more growth. We need a more positive environment. We need more support. We need more confidence. We need more team building. We need more...

That is exactly what I do.

I provide more. I provide more leadership, growth, empowerment, positivity, confidence, and team building. I am passionate. I'm excited and I will motivate your organization, event, or team to grow in massive ways!

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Allison Liddle