What is your definition of success?

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Last Saturday I had the honor of keynote speaking at the Financial Literacy Conference in central Wisconsin. After my speech I had a man come up and say, "I've studied all of those motivational speakers and authors. I've read the books, watched their videos, and I wonder how do you define success?"

I never imagined that I would have someone come and ask me that question.

Have you ever had anyone ask you that question?

I stopped and thought about success for a moment. I don't really like that word...success. You see I've learned from my mentor John Maxwell that as soon as you taste significance, success will never satisfy.

I believe that success is a piece of the puzzle, but I've decided to create a different puzzle out of my life and have committed to lead a life of significance.

When I explained this to this man he looked at me confused. I explained more, "You see I've had some of the most significant moments in my life in the past few months. During these times I've realized that money, possessions, and achievement didn't matter to me anymore. I knew that I was "successful" if when I shared my gifts and they helped someone move forward in some area in his or her life."

For example what if something in my keynote speech enticed someone to take action in their life? What if they stopped criticizing themselves? What if they finally started their first business? What if they took more time to play with their child? What if they gained more meaning in their life? That would be a "win" for me. Do I get anything directly from them having a change in their life? Nope. But the more I add value from what I'm learning to people the more that comes to me, which is awesome! I love the messages I get almost daily from people taking action in their life. Last week it was my friend Joy who decided to start her first business and said I inspired her. The week before it was a friend that started writing their book, or changing jobs, starting their speaking career, or even recording a video when they felt too nervous to do that before. That is leading a life of significance. I LOVE THIS!!!!

The more I focus on using my gifts to add value to others the more opportunities, people, and amazing experiences that I have. These are what I call pinch my experiences. I can't explain it other than I feel like I'm on the path of significance. I'm working in my strength zone to make a bigger impact. To help more people. To share what has worked and not worked in my own life.

The man looked at me and smiled. He thanked me and walked away, but I felt that I'd receive a message soon from him about some change he made within himself that day.

XO Lead a Life of Significance!


Allison Liddle