Global Book Launch Day- Introduction

Today is the day!!!! My first book, Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love is released on

Throughout the day you will travel around the world with me as I am interviewed by some amazing people. You'll travel from the U.S. all the way to New Zealand, and stop in places along the way including South America, Nevada, Minnesota, and United Kingdom.

Why do a Global Book Launch for this book? Great question. When I was thinking about how to promote this book I thought I bet there are people all over the world that can relate to putting their 'life under construction' in order to design a life they love. It was just a hunch, but it was correct. As I shared the book with people around the world I kept getting positive feedback and I thought, we should share this with as many people as possible. 

This introduction video is my sister Anika and me talking about the book promotion process and what is has inspired her to start thinking about in her life.

Thanks so much for your support, love, and encouragement!!! 


Buy the Book today CLICK HERE

Allison Liddle