Global Book Launch Day- Interview with Anna Trishch from United Kingdom

Anna Trishch is a professional motivational award-winning speaker, inspirational author and leadership coach, a member of the John Maxwell Team. She is passionate about helping people progress in their life. She encourages people to believe in themselves and their dreams, by growing themselves and thus increasing their results.

The mind is responsible for achievements; heart is responsible for dreams.Anna’s delivery is about connecting them both. Her highly engaging and interactive delivery will educate and inspire your audience to strive for excellence.

Anna was born and raised in a poor Ukrainian town. At the age of 21, she moved on her own to the land of opportunities in pursuit of her big dreams for better life. She had worked in customer service industry for 5 years in Miami prior to discovering her passion for helping people through inspirational speaking and coaching. Now, she enjoys a beautiful life with a man of her dreams, frequently traveling the world and helping people transform their lives.

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