Why You Should Start Recording Videos

I have an awesome social media coach..that I don't listen to. Okay, well sometimes. He has a blog that has 100,000's of visitors every single month. He's an expert at creating followers. He says that videos are an important way for you to start building your brand. At first, when I heard him say this I thought, "Sure, you like creating videos. I'm not a video-person." Then I started giving excuses about how much time it would take, or how I didn't have the right equipment. That was all FALSE. So, if you're telling yourself any of those same excuses...they really aren't true. Believe me.

All you need to start creating videos:

  1. A Helpful Topic: What are you an expert at? What would people like to learn about that topic? It doesn't have to be a long video. Short 3-5 minute videos work just fine.
  2. A Smart Phone with Video: Go to Your Fav Social Media Platform, press "Play" and record away. Or feel free to record video and edit it before posting it. Either way is fine.
  3. Share Your Video: Share your video with all of your social media platforms. Don't worry about sharing it too many times. This is what you want!!!
  4. Build Your Brand: Keep creating more and more videos. Keep sharing them. And you will eventually start building a following.

Good luck! Your challenge for today is to create one video.

Allison Liddle