Living a Life Under Construction


Allison's Interview with Yvonne Riggie from OPEN DOOR:

“We didn’t’ know how this was all going to work out or what this was going to look like but we just had that gut feeling like this is what we need to do and this is where we need to be and so we went with it, and it all ended up working out.”

Today, I’m happy to interview Allison, a mom, wife, and business owner who shares her story about creating a better life for herself and her family near Wausau, Wisconsin. In this interview, she talks about her anxiety and fears before starting out, her thought process on the design of her house, and how she trusted in the process and in herself – gaining confidence all along the way – to build the dream house she’s always wanted.

In our interview, we break down Allison’s 4 biggest fears. Fears have the power to hold us back from the very things that we want so badly. But Allison was able to work through her fears to create something truly amazing, a home for her family. And it has only gotten better. She’s on track now to publish her first book, due out this Fall called Life Under Construction: Designing a Life You Love in which shares her inspiring story of creating a life and a home she loves.

In her words, “You never know what’s going to come out of something that’s really difficult because it could be something that’s really awesome!”

Listen in as we dive into her story and hear how ups and downs, lessons learned, and tips to help you design the home and life you love.


Allison Liddle