When Opportunities Scare You...

Guess what? I recently had an opportunity present itself and I thought to myself “this really scares me but I really, really want to do it.” So, I thought about it more and then I asked myself these questions: 

1. Am I fearful of this because it’s outside my comfort zone (YES!)

2. If I do it will I be helping someone else? (YES!)

3. If I do this will it provide me an opportunity to learn something I’ve never learned before? (YES!)

4. Will I be in harm's way if I do this? (Possibly)

5. Will I be in unknown situations with unknown people? (Yep)

6. If I don’t do this will I always think about what could have happened? (Absolutely)

 After asking myself these questions I realized that I HAD to do this and that I couldn’t wait. I needed to do it and figure out the rest later. Have you ever had opportunities like this come up in your life? Things that are scary and exciting at the exact same time? Things that make you wonder?

 I bet you’re wondering what this “thing” is?

Should I tell you?

Okay, well…I have signed up to go on a transformational leadership trip with………. JOHN MAXWELL!

Oh, my goodness. Just saying that freaks me out. I’m really doing it. 70 of us John Maxwell Team members are going with John Maxwell to Paraguay in September to train 10,000 people from all 8 streams of influence. From youth, business, leaders, and government.

I can’t believe it. And I’m so excited to share my adventure with you. I’ll be writing and sharing about it on my social media, blog, website, and here.

Please wish me luck!

Allison Liddle