Be You

I have been told multiple times in the past week to "be you." What? Why is everyone telling me to "be you?" Wasn't I already being "me?" I guess not and let me tell you why.

Over the past decade or so I have dedicated myself to my work. I am very hardworking and diligent about doing everything I can possibly do to be the best that I can be in business and life. But somewhere in that time, I started to stop doing things that made me happy and started doing things to make everyone else happy. At first, I didn't even realize I was doing it. Then I started to feel so drained of energy. And mad. And unhappy. And on, and on, and on.

This was my problem. Not anyone else's because I was being a people pleaser and I was forgetting to please me. My work needed to fill me up too. For some reason, as women and moms, we start to put everyone in front of our own needs and then end up unfulfilled. This is a huge problem because when we feel this way we are not being us. We are not filling ourselves up or doing the things that make our hearts happy.

So, now I have decided to just be me and do the things that fill me up. And CRAZY things have been happening that I can not explain other than to say that as I started to be me things started to happen. These are awesome, awesome, awesome opportunities! YAY!

I love to write and so I am finishing up my first book (Yes, you should buy a copy). I love to speak, so I am seeking out speaking opportunities (Do you need a speaker? I'll be there, HA!), and most of all I love to help move people in the direction that they need to go to be themselves by coaching. All of these things make me happy.

My challenge for you today is to really think about whether you are being YOU? We really need you to be you because you are AMAZING. We need you to be happy and fulfilled in your career and your life. You have something unique and special that you will bring the world that only YOU can do. Today just BE YOU!!!


Allison Liddle