Do you want to go higher?

Last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to attend Leadercast 2017. I learned so much from every single leader, but the last speaker really spoke into my life. Tyler Perry was the last speaker. He is such an amazing producer, writer, and business leader and I was looked forward to learning from him.

Tyler shared a story of when he went for a hike up a mountain with Oprah in Hawaii (This is now on my bucket list, can you imagine?). He talked about how he started off hiking and after a little while got tired. He was looking too far ahead on the climb and he needed to start focusing on his feet. One step at a time. One step at a time he would repeat to himself. This made the climb easier but it was still difficult and when Oprah asked if he'd like a break he said, "yes." Oprah asked him to turn around. Tyler said he turned around and saw one of the most magnificent scenes ever. The clouds were at eye level, the mountains and the ocean met in a beautiful scene. It was breath-taking. He said at that moment he was so happy that he continued to push himself because if he would not have gone on that hike he would have never experienced one of the most beautiful scenes ever.

After their break, Oprah asked Tyler if he wanted to climb higher? Tyler wanted to retreat back down the mountain, but he said that is the moment that we have to make a decision for ourselves.

Do want to climb higher? Do you want to do what you need to do to reach that next beautiful achievement? Or are you going to retreat down the mountain and stay comfortable? We all have a choice to continue pushing ourselves or striving to climb our own mountains. I'd encourage you to keep climbing and go higher!!!

Allison Liddle