John Maxwell Says Anything Worthwhile is Uphill

I hiked up a mountain today. While I was hiking I remembered John Maxwell teaching me that anything worthwhile is uphill. As I hiked, I noticed that when we are working on going uphill we have physical strains. I noticed that I started to breathe heavier. The muscles in my legs started to hurt and strain. I started sweating. I needed to swing my arms in order to maintain my balance. I had to keep looking forward.

Isn’t this like life? When we are truly striving for a goal it is uphill. At the bottom of the mountain, it seems like reaching that goal is going to be easy. As you start on your journey you quickly realize that it will take much more time and effort than you anticipated. Reaching your goal will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to think differently, act differently, literally become a different person. The journey to reaching your goal will change you.

In the middle of the mountain, I stopped to take a short break. The negative voice in my head told me that I had done enough for today and I should just turn around. I was tired and thirsty. My legs hurt. But, as one of my amazing mentors, Clifton Maclin taught me that time when you wonder if you can go any further is when you push yourself. You need to go a little bit further. This is when you build your strength and stamina. This is when you become whom you want to become. So, I kept going. I heard my dear mentor Cliffy cheering me on.

I hiked and hiked and thought that it’d be really nice if on our journey up the mountains in our life we had people cheering us on as we were moving upward. Perhaps they would have some water and just be there to encourage us to keep going. Unfortunately, in life when we are striving for our goals this is not the case. There are not people cheering you on as you strive toward your goals. That is what makes striving for a goal so difficult and sometimes we give up. Reaching goals is an individual journey. It is a deal that you make within yourself to grow and change to reach the goal you set for yourself. There is no one else that can make you do something that you need to do for yourself. You need to take responsibility. You need to encourage yourself. You need to remember your why.

When I reached the top of the mountain I felt relieved and excited. I did it! YES!

When you reach your own goals stop and cherish this accomplishment. Take a breath. Congratulate yourself. These victories are what we build on. Small victories every day lead to greatness! Now go climb your own mountain.

Allison Liddle