Feel the Fear and Do It Anyways


“Feel the fear and do it anyways.” –Susan Jeffers

One of my mentors has read the book “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways” 50+ times. I remember him mentioning this book and thinking to myself, I should read that book.But for one reason or another, I forgot and never read the book.

Then I was at the International Maxwell Certification in Orlando, FL and one of the people at my table explained that he read that book and it changed his life. He was 450lbs and decided to get healthy, get married and get a new job…all because of this book. He's now a great friend of mine and inspires me by everything he is doing to help others. :)

I think that if we hear something over and over again it means that we really need to take notice and do it. I guess this was my clue that I needed to buy the book and read it, so that’s what I did. We all have fear in our life. The fear really comes out when we start to push and grow ourselves out of our comfort zone. As soon as we start to feel uncomfortable, fear sneaks in and we find ourselves in unknown territory.

I can’t tell you how many nuggets of information I gained from this book. WOW! I think I highlighted something on almost every page. Before reading the book I remember thinking, I don’t fear much I’m not sure why I would need to read that book.

Then after reading it I realized how much the negative voice or ‘chatterbox’ in my head were impacting my life. I learned about things that I could start doing like, telling myself positive things about myself in order to combat that negative voice. As I started to do it, it worked!

 If you are feeling stuck or fearful in any way? I encourage you to read “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways” by Susan Jeffers.

You can do it! 

Allison Liddle